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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology unique to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). It is a capability built into the GSM standard phones to support transmitting information over the signaling channels of the GSM network. USSD provides session-based communication, enabling a variety of applications..

The system will be integrated with all local mobile phone operators to provide services to all Users in the country. We will issue a unique USSD code that would enable your organization's Customers access Products/services via their phones.
GPRS is not required, it works on voice connectivity.
Works on all GSM mobiles.
More secure than SMS.
No application installation is required.
USSD is application with interactive Menu

This is a service has potential to take banking services to every User in the country. The service would allow your Organization’s customers to access banking services with a unique code irrespective of the telecom service provider, mobile handset make or the region.